Achieving Good Looks in Your Houston, TX Wedding Headshots

How to Look Stunning in Wedding Headshots

Getting wedding headshots in Houston, TX is all the rage nowadays. Instead of getting other wedding photography genres, most couples are shifting to headshots. This type of photography style is very simple. However, its simplicity is hard to achieve if you do not work with a photographer specialized in wedding headshots.

10According to professionals, there are three ways to look good in your wedding headshots. Here they are in no particular order:

Give focus on the setup

Since this is a wedding headshot, it means that you want to get rid of the corporate headshot style that is focused on being basic. In here, you want to add more life into the headshot. According to experts, your wedding headshot should stay away from the black and white style. Moreover, the couple is encouraged to smile and not to do poses that are considered rigid. In order to avoid getting double chin, make sure that the level of camera is above the subject. In terms of clothing, brides are encouraged to stay away from prints or any types of prints that are messy. As much as possible, the bride should wear sheath dress.

Give focus on the hair

When you are having wedding headshot, the role of your hair is really important. In fact, it can make or break your look. According to professionals, you should wear your hair the way it should be. In short, stay away from products that will alter your hair’s natural look. If you are naturally curly then you should play along with it, not go against its natural order. If your hair is wavy then a slight blowout will it look more tamed. For flyaway, make sure to apply hairspray to make your hair more organized. The last thing you want is going for a wedding headshot session while having a bad hair day.

Pay attention to your makeup

When the bride has natural and polished type of makeup, it will show her confidence. As per advised by the professionals, the eye shadow of the bride should just be neutral. If you are having a headshot schedule, do not wear smoky eye makeup as it will look terrible on photos; save that look on a weekend party.

Surely, there are thousands of wedding and engagement photographers that you can find locally. However, there are only a few who are specialized in wedding headshots in Houston, TX. To look for photographers with this kind of genre, make sure to ask the trade unions of wedding photographers.

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