What to Do Next After Saying Yes to an Engagement?

Tips to Consider After Saying Yes

2When you have already said the word, “yes to the marriage”, there are steps that you should take after. It will be a new world for the both of you because you are going to be preparing for the next phase of your life. You want to do the best for the next step of your life. So, for brides and grooms who are newly engaged, here is a road map to the first things you’ll want to consider.

Pick a Date and Place

You don’t need to hop on the phone with the florist within days of saying “yes,” but within the first couple of weeks you’ll want to talk about dates, as well as where you might want to be married. This will start to give you an idea of how quickly you’ll need to act, and what kind of financial plan you might need to think about.

Determine Your Budget & Create Your Guest List

As you start thinking about possible dates and venues, think about finances, too. If you know you will pay for your entire wedding yourselves, this means talking about how much you are prepared to pay and towards what. You will likely find, as we did, that your conversation about spending limits will be layered in with venue considerations.

Find the Perfect Venue

When looking at venues, be sure to ask about restrictions: maximum number of guests, required vendors, time limitations, areas of the property that are off-limits, and liquor license requirements. Answers to these questions can quickly rule out an otherwise appealing setting. So you need to make sure that you will find the right venue for your big day.

Shop for Your Dress and Invitations

Dresses take quite a while to make once ordered, and can require an additional few months for alterations. The same can be said for invitations, which need time to be designed, proofed, printed, shipped to the calligrapher or whomever will be hand-addressing them, and finally, mailed eight to ten weeks before the wedding.

Pamper Yourself

Everyone is going to want to see your ring, so treat yourself to a manicure. Also, note that many jewelers who sell engagement rings offer free cleaning to keep your diamond sparkling like it did the day you said “yes.” Remember, you need to make sure that you are going to have a time for yourself. This will help you make the best of yourself for your upcoming wedding day.

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